The Small Print ( you can’t see )

Have you noticed the fine print at the bottom of your screen at the end of television commercials? It appears so quickly that even a twelve-year-old speed reader, with 20/20 vision, can’t see it. Offers for dollar-a-day life insurance, ridiculously low car payments and the like, disclose restrictive conditions to their offer in that fine print.

Then there is the disclaimer. This is an advertiser’s attempt to disavow any responsibility should you be harmed by using their product, or by imitating something you saw in their commercial.

Although Federal Trade Commission guidelines state that disclosures and disclaimers be “clearly and conspicuously” displayed, this is rarely enforced, with the exception of political ads or health-related claims. Which is why advertisers generally tag on a quick sprint of fine print at the end of their commercials, leaving consumers in the dust.

Advertisers argue that it takes expensive airtime to comply with FTC guidelines, but the creative minds behind this entertaining commercial for Mercedes-Benz® prove it can be done. Watch now: